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Make your Brand Stories Sparkle with our Beauty PR Services

Brand recall, credibility, recognition, and influence are some of the major pillars on which the beauty industry thrives. As a beauty brand, it is hard to get the recognition you deserve, given that it is a crowded space. However, if you want to take your beauty business to the global arena, it is imperative to use specialized services.

At Soar PR, we help beauty brands get the attention they deserve. We are industry experts driven by creativity and innovation. Our dedicated team of beauty PR experts specializes in boosting your brand’s visibility across platforms.

Soar PR has active and robust collaborations with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers. We get people talking about our brand and its products. Our beauty PR firm is popular across the UAE as we can place brands in leading publications, radio shows, tv shows, billboards and into the hands of key influencers.

PR strategies at our firm are all about creatively designing integrated campaigns to suit your evolving needs and brand objectives. We tailor your campaigns to ensure that your brand and its beauty products stay relevant and are top of mind for target audiences. Our connections with beauty editors, magazines, radio hosts, news anchors, influencers, and bloggers ensure optimal visibility for your brand.

In addition to primary product categories, we also specialize in niches like cruelty-free and organic skincare and makeup. You can contact us to know more about our capabilities as the top beauty PR company.

Redefine Your Brand’s Position with Our Customised PR Campaigns

At Soar PR, we always ensure we take a digital first approach to campaigns to ensure that your brand stands out, and cuts through the clutter. Leverage digital first campaigns to make your beauty brand stand out. We run our own influencer and affiliate marketing campaigns to make your organization visible by your target audiences competitive. Soar PR has an in-house team of experienced, results-driven PR professionals who have extensive knowledge in the beauty industry.

Our versatility lies in delivering campaigns that create personal and potent connections. We possess extensive beauty PR experience. Here are some ways through which we position your brand in the spotlight.


Creating beauty PR campaigns for products and services.

Press Releases and Media Engagement.

Securing editorial and advertorial coverage in leading publications, across online and offline channels.

Celebrity endorsements.

Vlogger and YouTube influencer campaigns.

Gifting and Seeding Press Kits to relevant media and influencers.

Creating beauty PR campaigns for products and services.

Event sponsorships.

Our active collaboration with retail distribution points spas across Dubai positions your brand perfectly.

Developing newsworthy and creative beauty events.


Leverage the Expertise of Our Team to Stand Out in the Crowd

Soar  PR is the top PR agency in the UAE because we are agile, team players that are beauty PR veterans.  Our team comprises beauty insiders, beauty industry thought leaders, and beauty bloggers that can optimize your brand’s visibility. They are able to craft custom strategies that make your products get the attention they deserve.

Our team’s deep relationships with media and influencers within the beauty category can help to build a strong presence for beauty brands and evergreen content that speaks to o and category insights can make your brand unique. We always stay dedicated to connecting beauty brands to their respective target audiences. Integrated Beauty PR strategies programs designed by us can generate millions of media impressions and drive enormous buzz about your brand. We are also your one stop PR firm to create thought leadership opportunities.

Making Your Brand Visible Across Channels

With an eye for detail, we will offer your beauty brand a complete end to end strategy that caters to the specific objectives and outcomes desired by the brand, from entering new markets to launching new products, building awareness and distribution makeover. Campaigns designed by our agency engage and inspire the audience, as well as convert them into long-term consumers of the brand. When the context is about driving growth, you can rely on our expertise. We make your brand visible in the following ways.

  • Media Relations

Soar PR has an extensive database that contains beauty editors, influencers, and bloggers. We bring your brand to the spotlight so that you can beat out the competition.

  • Divergent Thinking

With creativity and divergent thinking, we maximize results. Get ready for your beauty brand to stand in the spotlight with Soar PR’s strategic and integrated strategies.

  • Proven Industry Associations

Our proven industry associations will position your brand in the headlines of lifestyle, beauty, and wellness magazines. Gaining exposure is easy with our results driven tailored PR campaigns

  • Content Ideation

We are experts in curating compelling and heartfelty content that is authentic, leverages your key messages, brand tone and language, as well as keeps your community engaged.

  • Digital Media Relations

As the top beauty PR agency, we harness the infinite power of the web to connect with journalists and influencers to generate wall to wall buzz and recognition.

  • Outreach at a Massive Scale

Soar PR and its dedicated team will make your beauty products and services easily accessible for audiences to learn about and buy into.

To know more about our expertise, book a call with us!


Our go-to partner for PR and Marketing. They created brand buzz and awareness through outstanding media coverage, influencer engagement and social media. 

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Natasha Moor

Founder and CEO of Natasha Moor Cosmetics


Sharply increased our brand awareness, lead generation and conversion rates. A natural extension of our team that strives to produce high-quality work in all aspects.

3Rebecca Chung - Founder of Princess Brows, High Society Skin Clinic, Glowagen, GEL Lashes

Rebecca Chung

Founder and CEO of Princess Brows, Glowagen, High Society Skin Clinic, and Rebecca Sylvester Beauty


I couldn't recommend SOAR PR enough for anyone who wants their social media feed to capture attention, increase engagement and look BOMB. 

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Pearl Yan

Founder of CHIKA and Asia Editor for MICHELIN Guide

We have been using SOAR PR for past year and they have done a wonderful job with our brand image. Our social media pages have gained significant numbers of followers and conversion rates. Highly recommend!



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