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At Soar PR, we offer complete end-to-end public relations services for blockchain companies. As the top PR agency in the UAE, we leverage storytelling to optimize your blockchain company’s growth campaigns. Blockchain is redefining and catalyzing an array of industry domains.

Despite the popularity of blockchain, many people still don’t understand it properly. Soar PR can leverage key target messages, educate on blockchain and build your reputation through integrated strategies to reach your target audience.

Despite the popularity of blockchain, many people still don’t understand it properly. Soar PR can leverage key target messages, educate on blockchain and build your reputation through integrated strategies to reach your target audience.

Moreover, they need this awareness to contextualize with their current and future clients and investors. Our Blockchain PR strategies are able to bring widespread attention to these organizations and their key messages while taking a personable approach.

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Our goal is to help you put your best foot forward when reaching out to target audiences, and getting the right eyeballs to view your information.


Blockchain is a highly specialized technology that requires an expert understanding of PR professionals in order to effectively and accurately communicate understanding.


You can trust the blockchain PR agency SOAR PR,  to stay ahead of the competition and be aware of trends. Arrange an appointment with us to learn about our capabilities.  

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Optimize your Brand’s Visibility in the Blockchain Domain with Us

Soar PR is the top PR agency in the UAE because of its versatility and agility. As a blockchain PR agency, we are versatile. Collaborating with us will help you get your brand noticed with ease.


Our blockchain PR services comprise integrated components such as media relations, social media management, and digital marketing that provide a wide variety of services to blockchain companies. With years of experience and expertise, we optimize brands and offer measurable results within the blockchain domain. 

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Here is the list of services we provide to brands operating in the blockchain domain.

Public Relations

What sets us apart from other PR agencies is our ability to provide tailored campaigns. Numerous people are still unaware of the capabilities of blockchain. Our PR strategies ensure that your followers and target audiences learn about the potential of your blockchain and the industry. And when they can understand the capabilities of blockchain, they will comprehend your services and offerings and buy-in.

Brand Specific Crowdfunding Campaigns

Now a days, crowdfunding is integral to your blockchain company’s success. Executing your company’s crowdfunding campaigns can be complex. You need to rely on a PR agency that will offer you actionable insights. As the best blockchain PR company in the UAE, we offer blockchain agencies with comprehensive strategies. We possess the finesse to extend your reach to the right target audiences.

Effective Content Distribution Services

Soar PR offers comprehensive content distribution services to boost engagement in the blockchain domain. We will distribute Press Releases and other relevant brand-specific materials through effective channels. Our content distribution services are effective in creating hype among your audiences. It also offers your brand with great traction to attract users.

Optimizing your Presence on the Web

To establish your blockchain company’s credibility, you should have a robust presence online the web. At Soar PR, we collaborate closely with you to help build your blockchain brand online. We have an in-house team of SEO experts who are adept at optimizing your presence in search results.

Our SEO experts are adept at performing keyword research. We will rank your website’s content against these keywords to help you get organic traffic. 

Why Are We the Best Blockchain PR Agency in the UAE?

Here are some reasons behind our credibility as the top Blockchain PR agency in the UAE.


Delivering Measurable Results

We use the most relevant PR tools to help you achieve growth. Soar PR always offers you measurable results.


With effective content marketing and distribution, we help your brand get the attention it deserves in the blockchain domain, becoming a recognizable organization in the industry. 

Content Marketing


Creation of Appropriate Value

We deploy the latest PR strategies to help your brand create value among target audiences.

Reach out to us at the earliest to discover our capabilities as the top blockchain Public Relations agency in Dubai. 


Our go-to partner for PR and Marketing. They created brand buzz and awareness through outstanding media coverage, influencer engagement and social media. 

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Natasha Moor

Founder and CEO of Natasha Moor Cosmetics


Sharply increased our brand awareness, lead generation and conversion rates. A natural extension of our team that strives to produce high-quality work in all aspects.

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Rebecca Chung

Founder and CEO of Princess Brows, Glowagen, High Society Skin Clinic, and Rebecca Sylvester Beauty


I couldn't recommend SOAR PR enough for anyone who wants their social media feed to capture attention, increase engagement and look BOMB. 

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Pearl Yan

Founder of CHIKA and Asia Editor for MICHELIN Guide

We have been using SOAR PR for past year and they have done a wonderful job with our brand image. Our social media pages have gained significant numbers of followers and conversion rates. Highly recommend!



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Through our PR & Social Media Services designed to boost your visibility and get you noticed

Increase Brand Awareness & Visibility

Improve Search Ranking

With our PR services that employ SEO-optimized copywriting strategies, creating back-links to your website

Increase Brand Trust

Create trust builders through positive media coverage, engaging content & influencer endorsements

Increase Sales and ROI

Increase your lead generation & conversion rates through our targeted strategies that lower your cost of customer acquisition.

Create a Strong Brand Following

Create a loyal community around your brand that results in word of mouth promotion & repeat purchases











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