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Our lifestyle PR services are about creating lasting connections between brands and consumers. SOAR PR possesses unmatched expertise and excellent resources to execute integrated lifestyle PR campaigns. If you are a lifestyle brand and want visibility, don’t look beyond SOAR. From designer furniture to jewelry to cosmetics, we know how to meet your objectives and requirements.

We collaborate actively with lifestyle-oriented media publications and platforms that allow us to bring visibility to your brand. The primary goal of our lifestyle PR campaigns is to generate positive publicity and widespread brand awareness. Our lifestyle PR strategies get our clients’ products featured in prestigious magazines and leading daily newspapers across the world. To know more about our lifestyle PR services, consult with us today.

Specialists in Integrated Communications

At SOAR PR, we ensure to effectively communicate your brand’s key messages to a variety of lifestyle target groups via various media channels and platforms. We create tailored content that targets a spectrum of audiences and media. Our PR professionals don’t follow a cookie cutter approach to lifestyle PR.

We will analyze your brand’s objectives and target audiences. Then, based on our findings, we will decide the best course of action. Be it food and beverage, luxury lifestyle, jewelry or interiors, we have a way to strategize based on the narrative and identity of your brand. Here are the key features of our lifestyle PR agency in Dubai:

  • Our lifestyle PR division will work to create sustainable connections with your audiences rooted in your authentic brand story. We will get you talked about by the right people, and in a way that can influence others.

  • What sets SOAR PR is our insights-driven PR campaigns. We always strive to deliver the best possible positioning and results for your brand.

  • Your brand will experience the change as we influence opinion and consumer behaviour around decision making.

What do our Lifestyle PR Strategies Offer?         

With our lifestyle PR services, you can take your brand to the next level. With our lifestyle PR campaigns, you will get:

Strategy development

Brand planning

Product placement

Effective brand positioning

Public Relations and Feature development

Storytelling Narrative and Key Messages

Influencer engagement

Celebrity ambassadorship and endorsements

Media strategies


Benefits of our Lifestyle PR Services

Our lifestyle PR campaigns serve as an extremely effective way to reach your target audiences worldwide. We will help position your brand in the UAE and world markets. Here are some key benefits you will receive with our lifestyle PR services.

         Our customized lifestyle PR campaigns are effective in connecting with your target audience.                When you visually and verbally align your brand with a specific lifestyle that embodies your                    brand identity through a variety of   channels, you can connect with your users on a deeper                  level. Building trust and loyalty are simple with our lifestyle PR campaigns.

         The PR professionals at SOAR PR can help in building a positive image and reputation of your                 brand. You can easily  beat your competition with our tailored brand specific campaigns.

         Lifestyle PR strategies implemented by us can garner the right reach and differentiate your                      brand with ease. We ensure that your identity and brand are aligned with your unique values,                and is recognized for those reasons.

         We will help you reach numerous target audiences effectively and efficiently. Our strategies will           assist you in  tapping  into pre existing communities, and curating new communities through                 education. Our PR campaigns will  get your brand get the attention it deserves.

Why choose SOAR PR for Lifestyle PR Campaigns?

Here are some reasons why you should work with Soar PR for your lifestyle PR campaigns.

Strategic Mentors

SOAR PR will work hand in hand with you, providing strategic consultancy and advocacy that will help you build your brand for the long term.

Accountability and Creativity

We always take a tailored approach to craft your lifestyle brand’s campaigns. We pride ourselves on taking a hands on approach while designing and executing your company’s lifestyle brand campaigns.

Bespoke Services

We are the best lifestyle PR agency in the UAE because of our bespoke approach to every client. SOAR PR has a global and cross-sector experience in conducting holistic end to end PR campaigns. We develop brands and build their profile by leveraging a variety of platforms and media channels through our tailored and insights-driven approach.

Grow your Lifestyle Brand

At SOAR PR, you can work with a team that possesses extensive experience in designing and conducting successful PR campaigns. Our PR campaigns are effective, and can support brands of all sizes, from emerging to established, to reaching their potential and visibility across the world We help you boost your brand’s visibility by taking a multi faceted approach

Strategic Mentors

SOAR PR will work hand in hand with you, providing strategic consultancy and advocacy that will help you build your brand for the long term.


Our go-to partner for PR and Marketing. They created brand buzz and awareness through outstanding media coverage, influencer engagement and social media. 

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Natasha Moor

Founder and CEO of Natasha Moor Cosmetics


Sharply increased our brand awareness, lead generation and conversion rates. A natural extension of our team that strives to produce high-quality work in all aspects.

3Rebecca Chung - Founder of Princess Brows, High Society Skin Clinic, Glowagen, GEL Lashes

Rebecca Chung

Founder and CEO of Princess Brows, Glowagen, High Society Skin Clinic, and Rebecca Sylvester Beauty


I couldn't recommend SOAR PR enough for anyone who wants their social media feed to capture attention, increase engagement and look BOMB. 

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Pearl Yan

Founder of CHIKA and Asia Editor for MICHELIN Guide

We have been using SOAR PR for past year and they have done a wonderful job with our brand image. Our social media pages have gained significant numbers of followers and conversion rates. Highly recommend!



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Increase your lead generation & conversion rates through our targeted strategies that lower your cost of customer acquisition.

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