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Be a better communicator at when engaging with the press and media with Soar PR’s media training services. As the best PR agency, we are able to provide meaningful tools and tips that can help brand spokespeople and individuals articulate their key messages and represent the brand with clarity and consistency. Soar PR has a talented and dedicated team of media expert's specialists that are experts at guiding you through media engagements and interview opportunities. 

Communicating with the media is an important skill set to ensure that your brand and respective representatives are positioned in the best possible way. We regularly support clients across the UAE to develop these their media-facing skills through training and trial sessions. With us, you will always know how to get your message across to the media no matter the question, and therefore translating this information to your target audiences. We will help you communicate effectively and confidently, on and off camera. 

The way in which you speak about your brand and the offerings will support efforts in gaining exposure. Our media training services can contribute directly to your brand profile building and evergreen positioning. 

As one of the top media agencies in Dubai, we help you explore numerous communication strategies and  equip you with the relevant tools to prepare you for all media engagements. Discover your potential and consult with our experienced media strategist. 

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Our Approach to Media Training

Media training from Soar PR will ensure you are well equipped with the tools and strategies you need to ensure individuals and brand spokespeople are able to maximize performance in important interviews. We tailor our media training services to your brand, the experience of the spokesperson and its present activities.


Our media trainers help you develop confidence ahead of speeches, media interviews, and crisis management situations. Being one of the top media agencies in Dubai, we follow a unique, tailored approach to media training. 

We will enlighten you about what the media wants to hear from you based on your brand

The do’s and don’ts during interaction with the media 

Get extensive insights on how to handle the difficult questions

Learn the effective ways to stay calm during any type of crisis 

We will assist you in effectively delivering your essential brand specific messages 

We always aim to enrich your company’s team members with the tools they require to stay ahead of their competitors. You can rely on our media training to ace important press meets. 

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Get your Message across Succinctly

The sole purpose of our media training services is to help your brand develop a fluent voice that is able to communicate the key messages. At Soar PR, it is our objective to empower each brand and spokespeople to tackle communication with confidence and in alignment with the mission, vision, values and key messaging. With our highly customized media training sessions, you can effectively communicate your opinions with an impact.

We can help you develop effective communication skills that will assist you and your brand in overcoming hurdles and difficult questions that may come your way.

Why choose Soar PR for Media Training?

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for media training.

  • We can tailor the media training session based on our clients’ requirements.

  • Our media training specialists consider your spokesperson and brand’s unique needs and help you develop effective communication skills.

  • Soar PR deploys interactive training techniques to let your company’s spokespersons develop confidence by leveraging their existing experience and comfort levels.

  • We are forward-thinking and can ascertain what the media wants and what kind of questions may come your way.

  • We know how to get you ready for any engagement with the media, equipping you with effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • Our brand-specific media training sessions fuel growth and create new opportunities for innovation awareness and reach.

  • Media training experts at Soar PR will train you on how to sound natural and stay on your message, no matter the question.

  • We possess the experience of training beginners as well as experienced spokespersons of your company locally and globally.

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Our go-to partner for PR and Marketing. They created brand buzz and awareness through outstanding media coverage, influencer engagement and social media. 

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Natasha Moor

Founder and CEO of Natasha Moor Cosmetics


Sharply increased our brand awareness, lead generation and conversion rates. A natural extension of our team that strives to produce high-quality work in all aspects.

3Rebecca Chung - Founder of Princess Brows, High Society Skin Clinic, Glowagen, GEL Lashes

Rebecca Chung

Founder and CEO of Princess Brows, Glowagen, High Society Skin Clinic, and Rebecca Sylvester Beauty


I couldn't recommend SOAR PR enough for anyone who wants their social media feed to capture attention, increase engagement and look BOMB. 

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Pearl Yan

Founder of CHIKA and Asia Editor for MICHELIN Guide


We have been using SOAR PR for past year and they have done a wonderful job with our brand image. Our social media pages have gained significant numbers of followers and conversion rates. Highly recommend!



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